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What is GeekyHub?

In short, it is a student productivity and online help platform. It aims to help students achieve some peace as they struggle with the endless study workload by keeping things under control. The people behind the site have walked an extra mile to create a unique on-demand help format, so you can approach freelance experts (they call them Geeks) for any help as soon as you face any study-related problem or need someone to help really quick.

As a completely safe learning platform, it takes a different approach by allowing students cooperate with a matching geek at an affordable price.

How Does GeeklyHub Work?

You can register by using your email or by signing in with your Facebook credentials. After registering, you appear in your personal hub page where new tasks can be added.

By default, it takes one hour to write 300 words or one page of written notes.

Speaking of alerts and notifications, they are sent by email once an assignment is completed or there is an update, so you can always check in the personal account space or send a message to the support for an immediate reply. It should be noted that the amount of hours can be changed later if such need occurs, so it does feel safe because most tasks often require additional notes and time. If there is anything that comes up during the process, you can instantly message the chosen helper and discuss the details.

What Separates GeeklyHub From Other Services?

A major factor that separates GeeklyHub from the rest of similar offerings in the market is an approach to workflow, which allows students to keep things organized and under control in the same place. One can store information for each specific task and still see logic in the myriad of all upcoming homework assignments. Most importantly, it is free of charge, so one can actually test the platform and get everything organized before actually asking for help!

You can choose among the tasks to see which are most urgent or even start with the assignments that still have some time left until completion, so Geek receives more time, thus reducing the final price.

How Much Does GeeklyHub Cost?

Pricing matters always represent a difficult part for the students, but the pricing model of this particular service appears to be quite interesting. Final price is calculated based on the amount of time (hours) spent to find a solution to a problem. A truly good thing is that there is no need to pay the full amount at once. The money is always kept as a deposit in a personal account and released to a chosen Geek only after help request is completed. Still, it is always possible to pay the full amount if such option fits someone's needs.

An important point is that you can choose deadlines by setting the day and time when you need the paper, then specify an amount of hours that should be spent by the Geek. In the panel to the right of the page, it will automatically calculate the price formula for you before you proceed to checkout.

Is The Customer Service Any Good?

Yes, it is. As a newbie, I had several questions about the platform. An immediate detailed reply followed with a clear explanation of how each function works.

Do not hesitate to message them any time to voice your concerns. After all, a skilled customer service knows how to help and understand what a common problem may be.

The Final Word

There is something genuinely human about this service. Right from the start, there is a clear logic aimed at struggling students with little time for all of college or university tasks. Visiting GeeklyHub platform, one sees a genuine approach with an ability to add tasks according to paper title and subject. Once there is a list of about 10-20 tasks, it all starts to make sense. You can keep tasks stored in the system or simply request professional homework help by clicking on a button in relevant assignment.


Store and organize your tasks.

All things in the same place makes it easier to access course materials from the same location, using any electronic device at 24/7.

Direct communication with a chosen Geek.

A great benefit, indeed, that lets you explain the details in case a Geek understands something wrong.

Affordable prices with 30% deposit.

There is no need to pay full amount because your funds are kept in a secure deposit. Moreover, they have a competitive homework help price.

24/7 Helpful customer support.

Friendly support can assist you even before you place a help request. They are caring and reply immediately.


Pricing scheme may not be immediately clear.

It would be a good idea to mention somewhere in the website that there is a price calculator, which changes a sum to pay according to a number of hours and time left until completion. Basically, it shows how the prices are generated.

6 of 173 Reviews
  • Brian Finley
    Brian Finley
    They constantly do amazing work! I never got anything but quality service from Geeks. I use this websidte all the time and they truly are a blessing when you just are running out of time and need help on something!
  • Lisa Miller
    Lisa Miller
    I will and won’t doubt to recommend GeeklyHub to my classmates or anyone out there seeking for help. I’m pretty sure Geeks are smart in every other subject (I mainly asked to help with Sociology) so feel free to give them the opportunity to assist you.
  • Doug Simmons
    Doug Simmons
    Was having a presentation deadline in 2 days while I was travelling so there was no other choice for me to polish slides on my own. I sent a request to Geeks doubtfully thinking if they can help me on time. But they did and on top of that the work and time they have put into this is perfect. 10/10 for the efficiency.
  • #
    Steven Wilson
    My university is very strict about academic integrity, hence I had a difficult time finding homework help service that would be fully reliable. Coming across Geeklyhub, I tested it out. Starting by asking for topic ideas, I got matched with a great Geek who helped me to brainstorm the possible essay subjects. Once I chose a fitting one, I wrote a draft. Even though there was some time left until the deadline, I asked the customer service if I could contact the same Geek to get my essay proofread for logic and coherence. The Geek did a perfect job editing my essay draft. It is the best proofreading help that I ever received. Recommended!
  • #
    Julia Jenkins
    As a nursing student, I could never get through the heaps of homework assignments that had to be done in time. I used to approach several writing services, but it ended up wrong because I would forget to add course notes or works of nursing theorists that had to be used as a source. Not this time! GeeklyHub website allows to keep my files safe and see what I have already shared. Thank you!
  • Raj Nawahdi
    Raj Nawahdi
    As an international Arts student in the United States, I always need assistance since even simple things are still challenging to me. Looking for places that help students like me, I have found this website. I was told to create a task by title and subject, then write about what I needed to do. I had to describe a painting, so I wrote just that. Five minutes later, I was connected with a Geek who could understand what I said. As a result, my Geek has guided me through my writing, keeping it logical and well-structured. Thank you for creating this amazing website that helps all kinds of students even with bizzare help requests!
4.8 of 5
based on 173 reviews